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MicroPact 2012 Year in Review

Bob Ragsdale, Vice President Marketing

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By: Bob Ragsdale

January 2, 2013 | Views: 2011 | Inside MicroPact | Comment

As we head into 2013, it is important to pause and look back at 2012.  It was a year of growth and accomplishment at MicroPact.  We celebrated the company’s 15th anniversary, added nearly 50 employees and achieved a number of significant operational milestones.  As part of our retrospective we’d like to share with you a multi-part series of interviews with the leaders of MicroPact. They’ll share with us their accomplishments in 2012, and their goals for the new year, as well as the obligatory New Year’s resolution both personal and corporate.

MicroPact exhibits at the 2012 Gartner BPM Summit in Baltimore

MicroPact made a big splash at the Gartner BPM Summit back in April. Why do you think MicroPact was so well received at this event?

We were well received because we have a great story to tell – we have great customers and we do great things for them.

Prior to the BPM Summit we had been a very quiet company so when we hit the event floor, with a succinct technology story, a phenomenal customer roster, and a speaking slot detailing the success we helped facilitate at the Department of Justice through the creation of their first enterprise-wide personnel background investigation system, it was a big splash – it was impressive.

It’s your job to articulate MicroPact’s key differentiators in the BPM space. What are the top 3 things that MicroPact does better than its competitors?

MicroPact is a very pragmatic organization. We have never focused on an abstract, analyst-driven, conceptualization of what our product should be.  Our products and services have been tailored to meet the needs of our customers and to that end there are three areas we focus on:

  • Openness  – By adhering to open standards, open architecture, and a platform independent approach, Micropact products provide a superior level of extensibility, interoperability and portability. This in turn maximizes system compatibility and adaptability across a full spectrum of IT environments
  • No Bloat – We build products to deliver the core functionality that our customers want – this keeps the products lean, makes them more stable, less expensive to maintain, and easier to work with.
  • Customer Service – Satisfying the needs of our customers at every turn pervades the culture of MicroPact. Every success that we have is the result of our very personal, collaborative, long-term, hands-on approach.

The MicroPact 10th Annual 462 Conference

MicroPact’s 10th Annual 462 Conference was a big hit again this year. What made this year’s conference special? Any exciting plans for next year?

You launched a major redesign of the MicroPact website back in 2012. What enhancements are you planning for the site in 2013?

The redesign was a big step forward in terms of being able to succinctly communicate the core capabilities of entellitrak and how those capabilities facilitate better Business Process Management and Case Management solutions.

This year is going to be a big year for content, we’re going to focus on bringing to life how our technologies create better outcomes for organizations looking to optimize their operations. entellitrak, is used by more federal agencies than any other BPM product and as a result, there are a lot of great success stories we can tell. Of course when you serve over 200 federal agencies including every cabinet level agency, there will undoubtedly be bit of bureaucracy involved in storytelling approval process. Perhaps I will conclude 2013 with a blog post about that.

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Bob Ragsdale is Vice President, Marketing at MicroPact. Bob has over 20 years of experience leading the international marketing and branding efforts of software and technology companies at nearly every stage of development.


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