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MicroPact 2012 Year in Review

Kris Collo, President and CEO

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By: Kris Collo

January 18, 2013 | Views: 1308 | Inside MicroPact, Case Management, BPM, Federal Solutions | Comment

As we head into 2013, it is important to pause and look back at 2012. It was a year of growth and accomplishment at MicroPact. We celebrated the company’s 15th anniversary, added nearly 50 employees and achieved a number of significant operational milestones. As part of our retrospective we’d like to share with you a multi-part series of interviews with the leaders of MicroPact. They’ll share with us their accomplishments in 2012, and their goals for the new year, as well as the obligatory New Year’s resolution both personal and corporate.

MicroPact has grown profitably every year since you founded the company in 1997. Were you able to continue that performance in 2012?

2012 was extremely successful year for MicroPact.  Even with all of the concerns regarding “the fiscal cliff”,  MicroPact experienced another year of significant growth. The tremendous results we achieved are a powerful indicator that our product is striking a chord with many customers and partners. We received quite a few new contracts as a result of referrals from our existing install base. Our long history of successful implementations and satisfied customers continues to help us connect with new customers.  I expect to see continued strong demand for our products as more and more companies seek to save time and money with case management and BPM solutions.

MicroPact grew it’s list of strategic partners significantly in 2012. Will that trend continue in 2013?

MicroPact continues to invest in growing our Partner Program. We added some great companies this year, and I expect more major partnership announcements in the coming months. Our partners are finding considerable success in deploying the entellitrak and entellidoc systems at many federal agencies, such as the Veterans Administration, Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Defense. The applications deployed by our partners have made a significant impact in the automation of key services and critical processes of the US federal government.  Here are a few examples:

  • The automation of the Veterans Administration Disability Questionnaires (DBQ) to allow veterans the ability to file claims electronically.
  • The Defense Sexual Assault Incident Database System (DSAIDS) that allows service members to file complaints and enable personnel to process the claims electronically.
  • Tax payer systems such as the Taxpayer Advocate Service Integrated System (TASIS) that offers a unified solution for capturing, tracking and resolving taxpayer and tax practitioner advocacy related issues.

We look forward to helping our partners and customers continue to deploy business process and case management solutions in 2013.

MicroPact added dozens of new employees in 2013. How has all of this new DNA changed the corporate culture?

Thankfully, the on-boarding of over 50 team members in 2012 has had no negative impact on our excellent corporate culture.  Our in-house recruiters do a tremendous job of ensuring that prospective team members have the right attitude and personality for our corporate culture before they even get to an interview with the hiring manager. The entire management team as well as our company veterans have done a great job imparting the values and style of MicroPact to new team members. This is one of the big reasons we have been able to successfully expand the company at such a rapid rate.

You made a couple of strategic hires to focus on the healthcare vertical at the end of 2012. Why the focus on this industry segment?

The healthcare sector is one of the leading areas of growth in the coming years. I for one am a big proponent of healthcare reform. I hope that changes like passage of the Affordable Care Act will improve care and help reduce costs.  One of the benefits that we’re most proud to offer at MicroPact is 100% company paid health insurance for all team members.  Over the past few years we have been hit with double digit growth in the cost of that benefit.  This is an issue that very much affects our business, our team members and their families. We hope that we can continue to provide automation and solutions that provide efficiencies to this market.

As CEO of MicroPact, what do you worry about in 2013?

I worry that our leadership in Washington will continue to cause uncertainty. I’ve always told our team members that we can only focus on the things that we can control. Unfortunately, the things happening in Washington are beyond our control. What causes the most problems for everyone is when a decision isn’t made, and we are left with uncertainty. 

MicroPact is fortunate to have prime government contracts with every cabinet level agency – it provides a healthy level of diversification for our federal business.  Regardless of how priorities shift, we are well positioned to continue to expanding our share of federal IT spending.

You’re actively in the process of building up a very aggressive telework program at MicroPact. How is that going? Any unexpected challenges?

So far so good. We launched a pilot program on December 1st to help make sure we had all the kinks ironed out. Standard equipment for all new team members used to be just a laptop. Going forward we will be providing all our team members with a laptop plus an iPad. We expect that with the proper tools, our team members will be able to communicate and work more effectively using video conferencing capabilities and collaboration tools. Additionally, the entire office is now tablet-friendly, giving team members and guests the ability to conveniently perform most functions (e.g. printing, accessing the intranet) that previously required a laptop. Since so many of our internal systems are built on the entellitrak platform, internal use of iPads is a great way to help ensure that our software performs well for tablet users.

The investments we have made this year to our teleworking infrastructure were quite extensive. We hope to be able to see the investment payoff quickly and help sustain a healthy and enjoyable work/life balance for our team members.

Do you have a prediction for 2013?

I believe MicroPact will continue to perform strong throughout 2013. The new accounts that were added in 2012 and our ever-expanding base of loyal customers will continue to fuel the growth of the company. Our partner program will accelerate as more companies recognize that our technologies provide them with a competitive advantage. The entellitrak platform enables partners to rapidly deploy high-utility applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

With budget cuts looming for the federal market, I expect to see a continued flurry of M&A activity from federal contractors similar to what we saw at the end of 2012. Although, tax increases had a major impact on the decision making of some business owners I suspect that the impending budget cuts and increased opportunities around Mobile, Health IT, and cloud computing will continue to drive interest in companies that have been successful penetrating these growing markets.

I expect that companies that provide real, tangible solutions will continue to prosper in the federal market. With government spending having more than doubled over the past decade, I expect that any budget cuts will have a minimal impact to good, well run organizations. As CEO of MicroPact, I witnessed the bursting of the tech bubble, the tragedy of 9/11, and the housing market collapse. Time and time again we’ve seen that small businesses are resilient and good companies will reposition themselves to meet the needs and new priorities of their government customers. Companies that deliver products that provide efficiencies and reduce IT costs will thrive in this fiscal environment. I am confident and optimistic about MicroPact’s prospects in 2013.

About the Author

Kris Collo is President and CEO of MicroPact. He founded MicroPact in 1997 and has guided the company to 15 consecutive years of profitable growth. In his limited spare time, Kris enjoys golf and spending time with his son and daughter.


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