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MicroPact 2012 Year in Review

Sandra Levy, Director Legal Services

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By: Sandra Levy

December 27, 2012 | Views: 1411 | Inside MicroPact | Comment

About the Author

Sandra Levy is Director of Legal Services at MicroPact. Sandra brings more than 20 years of in-house legal experience to the team at MicroPact with expertise in contracts, intellectual property, corporations and merger & acquisition, risk mitigation and legal process improvement.  She has worked in the technology industry since 1995 for both public and private companies ranging in size from small to large. Sandra holds a JD, an MBA in Finance & Marketing and a B.S. in Business Management.  In her spare time Sandra enjoys writing blog articles, hitting the links at the golf course, reading a good suspense novel, and cruising the local country roads on her motorcycle. Now if she could only find helmets small enough for the heads of her two cats so that they can sit on the back of her motorcycle and feel the wind in their whiskers, life would be just perfect.


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