entellitrak - A unified platform for Case Management and Business Process Management

No bloat.
Just a powerful, unified, open architecture
working environment.

Work Faster and Solve Harder Problems.

Case Management and Business Process Management live at opposite ends of a single spectrum. That’s why we call entellitrak a unified platform — its Data-First™ approach accommodates the entire spectrum while its core technologies empower business and IT professionals to more rapidly deliver improved outcomes.

Why is that important? Because in a fiscal environment where there’s no room for waste, it enables you to get to work quickly and cost-effectively. Whether it’s based on-premises or in the cloud, entellitrak's streamlined approach scales from the local office to the enterprise, giving everyone in your organization the ability to accurately capture, track and report on the data that drives operations forward.

A Unified Platform That Puts Data-First

In contrast to competing products, entellitrak unifies casework through a Data-First approach.
What does that mean?

One Platform

One Platform for Case Management and Business Process Management

Take a Data-First approach, or Start with Process Modeling.

In contrast to BPM which places the greatest emphasis on process efficiency, Case Management is a data-centric endeavor. Its goal is to deliver an appropriate outcome for each case, based on information management (data), collaboration and guided decision making. It calls for a Data-First approach.

By putting Data-First, entellitrak provides a continuous spectrum of case management and business management solutions — giving organizations the flexibility to commence  application development initiatives from a variety of starting points. With entellitrak, you can  begin with a traditional process modeling approach, or, based on existing case data, take a Data-First approach and configure business applications immediately, and layer on policies and processes over time. Of course, you can further accelerate your implementation by starting with one of more than 20 pre-configured business templates — proven, best practice solutions.

One Environment for Business and IT

Maximize Collaboration Via a Single, Highly Streamlined Interface.

Rather than requiring the use of third-party applications, or different portals for different functions, entellitrak streamlines work with a single, Section 508 compliant, web-based interface that puts Data-First and facilitates team interaction — everything is built in, from day-to-day case management and process management, to advanced application development and programming.

  • Organizational and hierarchy modeling
  • Rules management
  • Security and permissions management
  • Integrated development environment
  • Advanced search engine
  • Forms management
  • Content management

One Solution for Document Management, Analytics and Mobile

Manage Structured and Unstructured Data Side-by-Side.

entellitrak modules are completely integrated, fully-featured solutions — not add-ons or afterthoughts — they provide a seamless environment of advanced enterprise capabilities. This highly integrated approach empowers users to create, access, deliver, and use content in more contextual and personalized ways.

  • Document Management Module
  • Natural Language Analytics Module
  • Mobile Module
  • efile (external user portal) Module
  • escan (direct document scanning) Module
  • Time and Attendance Module
  • Customizable Help Module
  • Report Builder Module

Enterprise-Scale Success

For nearly two decades, MicroPact has focused on engineering web-based, commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions for US Government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations. Today MicroPact solutions serve 97% of federal agencies with 500 or more employees, and enjoy a 96% annual renewal rate.

Accelerate ROI with Case Management Frameworks, BPM Process Templates, and Rapid Application Development

An entellitrak dynamic case management system or BPM solution can be configured in a fraction of the time and cost required for custom software development or traditional BPM implementations.

Start with the Approach That's Best for You

Most entellitrak implementations begin in one of three ways:

  • With a pre-configuration (process template)
  • From scratch with a data capture / Case Management orientation
  • From scratch with a Business Process Management orientation

Starting with a Pre-Configuration

Take advantage of the 80/20 rule.

There are over 20 entellitrak pre-configurations (process templates) to choose from. With best practices, business rules and terminology built right in, pre-configurations can both speed implementations and reduce resource requirements.

Out of the box, pre-configurations generally satisfy about 80% of an organization’s requirement. The final 20% is achieved by configuring entellitrak to suit the specific needs and terminology that will be unique to your business. MicroPact personnel will take an agile, iterative approach as they work with you to refine your entellitrak implementation. This approach gives both the business and IT teams a high degree of control over the project as it evolves and ensures that the final system delivers the value you are looking for.

Starting from Scratch

An agile approach speeds time to ROI.

When starting from scratch, most MicroPact customers start by replicating their existing systems. They build out the forms, dashboards, reports, organizational structure and security rules quickly – entellitrak automatically generates the corresponding input forms, information views and database artifacts behind the scenes. At this point, the system has a more of a Case Management orientation. This approach enables people to begin working with the system more quickly, capturing the data that will drive operations forward, accelerating the implementation and ROI.

Next, business and system owners work together to inject processes and process improvements based on actual usage patterns – not theory. In this manner, the system can be continuously refined, adding just the right amount of process, oversight and control to achieve optimal operational and Business Process Management orientation. Plus, because entellitrak is continuously configurable, if operations change, administrators can continue to make in-flight changes to the way entellitrak works.

Open Architecture Business Process Management Tools

Our Business Process Management Tools provide open development, ease of deployment and seamless integration.

Platform Independent, Open Architecture Software

Embrace Transparent Technology.

The entellitrak platform is comprised of a user interface, application layer and database layer. This simple, exposed, open approach makes it easier to develop applications with entellitrak, to deploy entellitrak and to integrate and communicate with external systems.

  • Develop: entellitrak is Java-based so any Java programmer can work with the platform and avoid “vendor lock-in.”
  • Deploy: entellitrak is platform independent and can be installed on any application server that supports Java and the JEE framework.
  • Integrate: entellitrak can easily connect and integrate with other applications in the enterprise utilizing standard technologies such as web services, an ESB, or directly at API levels.

Relational Database Approach

Clear, Open, Easy to Understand.

entellitrak supports virtually all relational databases including SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS. Developers can view all of the contents of the entellitrak relational database as well as the definition of every configurable element. This approach makes it easy to access and manipulate each and every data component.

An Enterprise-level Document Management Software Solution

Full-featured Document Management Software.

The entellitrak document management module is an advanced enterprise document management software platform that delivers a single, seamless, integrated environment for the management of unstructured data (documents) right alongside entellitrak’s structured data (records).

Initiate Workflow in Multiple Ways

Users not only have the ability to initiate workflow from a case management or process management perspective, they have the added ability to initiate workflow from a document management perspective.

Benefit From a Shared Architecture

Because the entellitrak document management software module isn't a third party add-on there are no integration issues.

Expand Your Expectations

Out of the box, the entellitrak document management module provides every component you would expect from a collaborative document management solution:

  • Document storage and retrieval
  • Collaboration and versioning
  • Searching
  • Security for enterprise-wide control

What you might not expect is that it can store, track and manage virtually any type of file:

  • Documents, presentations, spreadsheets
  • Images, video, audio

You can also view, markup and annotate most files directly within entellidoc, without having to open their native applications. You probably didn’t expect that either.

Get Everyone On The Same Page

Because the only effective document management systems are the ones that people use, The entellitrak document management module promotes collaboration with commonsense capabilities:

  • Logical organization – documents are stored where people expect to find them, with repositories configured to match your organizational structure, workflows and systems.
  • Easy to find information – documents are automatically indexed and immediately available for full text searching.
  • Rapid document previews – users don’t have to open files to see what is in them.

Secure Document Management

Both documents and associated metadata are securely stored through entellitrak’s role-based
security and access model. Permissions are completely configurable through a user interface
CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) facility. The entellitrak document management module also utilizes SSL encryption of all data.

Hosting: On-Premises or in the Cloud

Everyone's Needs Are Different

MicroPact cloud, enterprise cloud, locally hosted — there is no one best approach that applies to every situation.

For that simple reason, entellitrak is available under the following NIST-defined Cloud Computing Service and Deployment models:

  • Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Private cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

Case Management and BPM Software Security

Advanced Security Policies Are Built in

Federally Accredited and Secure.

The entellitrak role-based security and access model mimics an organization’s structure. Because access is role-based, users see only the data that is pertinent to their domain, enabling them to quickly focus on relevant information and tasks. Permissions are completely configurable through a user interface CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) facility, delivering the added benefit of filtering out sensitive and protected information. entellitrak also utilizes SSL encryption of all data.

MicroPact is a FedRAMP Compliant Cloud Service Provider (CSP):

  • entellitrak and the MicroPact Product Suite have been granted an Agency Authority to Operate (ATO) by the US Department of Interior (DOI) after demonstrating compliance with FedRAMP requirements.
  • entellitrak is also Accredited and Secure with C&A’s based on NIST 800-53, DIACAP and DCID 6/3.

entellitrak supports:

  • Single Sign-On (LDAP, Active Directory, RSA Tokens, Authentication Portals, Smart Cards, CAC Cards)
  • Multiple Authentication (can support multiples of these at one time: LDAP, Active Directory, RSA Tokens, Authentication Portals, Smart Cards, CAC Cards)