Accelerate ROI with Case Management Frameworks, BPM Process Templates, and Rapid Application Development

An entellitrak dynamic case management system or BPM solution can be configured in a fraction of the time and cost required for custom software development or traditional BPM implementations.

Start with the Approach That's Best for You

Most entellitrak implementations begin in one of three ways:

  • With a pre-configuration (process template)
  • From scratch with a data capture / Case Management orientation
  • From scratch with a Business Process Management orientation

Starting with a Pre-Configuration

Take advantage of the 80/20 rule.

There are over 20 entellitrak pre-configurations (process templates) to choose from. With best practices, business rules and terminology built right in, pre-configurations can both speed implementations and reduce resource requirements.

Out of the box, pre-configurations generally satisfy about 80% of an organization’s requirement. The final 20% is achieved by configuring entellitrak to suit the specific needs and terminology that will be unique to your business. MicroPact personnel will take an agile, iterative approach as they work with you to refine your entellitrak implementation. This approach gives both the business and IT teams a high degree of control over the project as it evolves and ensures that the final system delivers the value you are looking for.

Starting from Scratch

An agile approach speeds time to ROI.

When starting from scratch, most MicroPact customers start by replicating their existing systems. They build out the forms, dashboards, reports, organizational structure and security rules quickly – entellitrak automatically generates the corresponding input forms, information views and database artifacts behind the scenes. At this point, the system has a more of a Case Management orientation. This approach enables people to begin working with the system more quickly, capturing the data that will drive operations forward, accelerating the implementation and ROI.

Next, business and system owners work together to inject processes and process improvements based on actual usage patterns – not theory. In this manner, the system can be continuously refined, adding just the right amount of process, oversight and control to achieve optimal operational and Business Process Management orientation. Plus, because entellitrak is continuously configurable, if operations change, administrators can continue to make in-flight changes to the way entellitrak works.