An Enterprise-level Document Management Software Solution

Full-featured Document Management Software.

The entellitrak document management module is an advanced enterprise document management software platform that delivers a single, seamless, integrated environment for the management of unstructured data (documents) right alongside entellitrak’s structured data (records).

Initiate Workflow in Multiple Ways

Users not only have the ability to initiate workflow from a case management or process management perspective, they have the added ability to initiate workflow from a document management perspective.

Benefit From a Shared Architecture

Because the entellitrak document management software module isn't a third party add-on there are no integration issues.

Expand Your Expectations

Out of the box, the entellitrak document management module provides every component you would expect from a collaborative document management solution:

  • Document storage and retrieval
  • Collaboration and versioning
  • Searching
  • Security for enterprise-wide control

What you might not expect is that it can store, track and manage virtually any type of file:

  • Documents, presentations, spreadsheets
  • Images, video, audio

You can also view, markup and annotate most files directly within entellidoc, without having to open their native applications. You probably didn’t expect that either.

Get Everyone On The Same Page

Because the only effective document management systems are the ones that people use, The entellitrak document management module promotes collaboration with commonsense capabilities:

  • Logical organization – documents are stored where people expect to find them, with repositories configured to match your organizational structure, workflows and systems.
  • Easy to find information – documents are automatically indexed and immediately available for full text searching.
  • Rapid document previews – users don’t have to open files to see what is in them.

Secure Document Management

Both documents and associated metadata are securely stored through entellitrak’s role-based
security and access model. Permissions are completely configurable through a user interface
CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) facility. The entellitrak document management module also utilizes SSL encryption of all data.