Open Architecture Business Process Management Tools

Our Business Process Management Tools provide open development, ease of deployment and seamless integration.

Platform Independent, Open Architecture Software

Embrace Transparent Technology.

The entellitrak platform is comprised of a user interface, application layer and database layer. This simple, exposed, open approach makes it easier to develop applications with entellitrak, to deploy entellitrak and to integrate and communicate with external systems.

  • Develop: entellitrak is Java-based so any Java programmer can work with the platform and avoid “vendor lock-in.”
  • Deploy: entellitrak is platform independent and can be installed on any application server that supports Java and the JEE framework.
  • Integrate: entellitrak can easily connect and integrate with other applications in the enterprise utilizing standard technologies such as web services, an ESB, or directly at API levels.

Relational Database Approach

Clear, Open, Easy to Understand.

entellitrak supports virtually all relational databases including SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS. Developers can view all of the contents of the entellitrak relational database as well as the definition of every configurable element. This approach makes it easy to access and manipulate each and every data component.