BPM Suite Implementation

Moving to the entellitrak BPM suite is straightforward and seamless.

Plan for a Smooth Transition

Most entellitrak implementations begin in one of three ways:

No matter which you choose, a dedicated MicroPact team will work with you in an agile, iterative manner. This approach gives the business and IT teams a high degree of visibility into the project as it evolves, enabling them to remain focused on the delivery of business value. By focusing on first deploying the features that give immediate value and then building functionality in iterative sessions, MicroPact’s agile approach speeds time to ROI and reduces the risk of expending resources developing features that may not be needed or utilized.

Utilizing a Pre-Configured System

30-60 Days

  • A dedicated MicroPact project manager, business analyst and implementation team are selected to work with you throughout the implementation process.
  • At a kickoff meeting, your project manager presents a draft plan outlining all phases of the implementation, including responsibilities, milestones and dates.
  • MicroPact analysts assemble, review and document all requirements, including business rules, hierarchy information and roles.
  • After all requirements are finalized, your MicroPact team configures your customized business process management solution.
  • Your team guides you through user acceptance testing and refinements if necessary.
  • User and administrative training is provided to your organization.
  • MicroPact provides ongoing support.

Configuring a System From Scratch

60-90 Days

The steps for full configuration are the same as for pre-configuration. The added time is for an added benefit: integrating your organization's data elements, terminology, and user interfaces in the configuration of your customized federal or commercial business process management solution.