Training and Documentation

When business users feel confident enough to modify and build their own systems using the entellitrak Business Process Management Tool, we call that success.

Link to training and events for entellitrak business process management

MicroPact training programs and documentation are designed to help you get the most out of entellitrak. Our goal is to have users, administrators and developers feel confident in their ability to continually and independently refine and configure the system to their needs. These courses are appropriate for business analysts, application engineers and architects.

User and Administrator Training

entellitrak systems are well documented and are intuitive to use. But because your system will be unique to your operations, MicroPact also offers customized user and administrator guides and training.

MicroPact’s training and documentation specialists work closely with you to tailor your materials and courses to the needs of your organization.  Courses can be conducted:

  • At our Corporate Training Center, just minutes from Dulles International Airport
  • At your location
  • Via webcast
  • As pre-recorded computer based training (CBT)

Business User and Developer Training

Level-1 Developer Training is appropriate for business analysts, application engineers and system architects.  As the first of three levels, it is designed to impart a solid understanding of the entellitrak platform along with the essential competencies needed to assess business requirements and to build and deploy appropriate entellitrak systems.

Level-2 and level-3 series training are available to individuals once they have been certified on the previous level's training series.

How entellitrak works

The objective of this course is to introduce entellitrak as an application platform. Students will learn the basic technology entellitrak runs on, the architecture and a high level overview of the different components of entellitrak. Students will also be exposed to real world applications and receive an overview of the build and deployment process.

Administration and Security Management

Students will learn the security model in entellitrak by defining functional groups and roles and by creating users. They will also learn how to model an organization’s hierarchy and to define the preferences that affect the user’s experience.

Prerequisites: 101

Data Modeling Basics

This course guides students through the process of defining data objects, their hierarchy and relationships, as well as the different types of data objects available in entellitrak. Course will include examples of use cases and exercises.

Prerequisites: 101, 102

User Interface Basics

Students will be exposed to the basics of defining the application’s user interface including the forms to be used for inputting, managing and searching data, listing and displaying data, as well as general navigation options.

Prerequisites: 101, 102, 103

State and Process Modeling for entellitrak

Students obtain a basic understanding of the business process modeling notation and how it is defined and executed within the entellitrak platform. Students will also learn how to create scheduled jobs, utilize best practices, and avoid design flaws.

Prerequisites: 101, 102, 103, 104